Workshops and Courses

I have created these special self -development workshops, some alone and some with other amazing spiritual teachers. All are designed to give participants an experience that can help transform themselves, so they can live life in an optimal way.


All these workshops and courses are based on the power of symbols, a symbol can be anything from a religious image to a business logo, it could be a word or even a grain of sand, a spider or an emotion. A symbol can be anything. The whole universe is made up of symbols. A symbol has a meaning, and that meaning gives us our reality. While a symbol of, for example a spider will mean fear for one person and love for another, the symbol of time may have the same meaning to many, along with pain and laughter. Depending on how we each view a symbol will determine our reality experience, through our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

We explore these symbols through four different active meditations –

Art - helps us connect our right side of the brain, this part of our brain is where our creativity and imagination comes from, it also links us into emotions and subconscious. Images hold so much information that it would take a billion words to write down. Images also tell a story and show us many ways to look at a situation, giving us answers and guidance to unanswered questions.  

Mantra - because words connect our left part of the brain, words are powerful, giving meaning to everything, making sense of the world we live in. Cultures have used words as prayer, magic and affirmations for thousands of years to manifest. Words chanel energy directly and in a logical order.  

Movement  - connects our body by giving it experience of how something feels, by experiencing something through movement we can transform our physical reality.

Kinesiology - is when we use our whole brain and body together in harmony to test and validate our reality, to give our whole system a new experience and understanding, changing our mental, emotional and physical reality, giving us deeper knowledge and understanding of our life experience.


2 day course – £ Contribution (guide price £180)

Freedo is the basic blueprint for my work, it teaches us how symbols work and the art of being able to create and use different symbols in our lives in an optimal way.

I created Freedo along with my life long friend and aikido teacher, Bob Chandler. Bob is an amazing spiritual teacher and healer, he physically demonstrates how we can all connect to the universal life force through direct physical experience.
During this course we journey through certain universal symbols such as the mind, body and soul, our emotions, past and future, love and fear, source and the elements, body and brain. Learning about them more deeply,  being able to release blockages and also connect to more positive energies, using them in ways that serve us
One of the main principals of Freedo is  the law of polarity, and how we can use these laws to flow through life, staying present and conscious, and  creating and manifesting our dreams.

Power Symbols

3 hours - £25 each

This workshop is based on the Freedo process. Symbols affect us in many different ways , for example a phobia may cause us to react with panic and anxiety, it may prevent us from going places and doing things. We may not be enjoying our work or school due to somebody there,  that affects us in negative ways. The way we connect to money or material objects can influence us in positive and negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Our emotions can motivate us or stop us doing what we truly want.

During this workshop we explore personal symbols that we wish to work with, this could be love, fear, confidence, career, relationship, health, wealth or just about anything that best represents your current personal situation you want to change in some way. We explore those symbols through art therapy, mantra, movement and kinesiology to help us understand more about, and how we can transform and change our reactions into positive thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Freeing us of old negative patterns and connecting us to new positive vibrations.

Connection of the Love Chakras

Two workshops - £35 each

Sometimes we experience heart felt love and other times we may feel more sensual felt love. When one works without the other, resistance will appear, they don’t always agree with the type of love the other expresses. When they understand the relationship between these two mighty chakras, they can work in harmony together, giving us the experience of mind and body love.
Using art therapy, mantra, movement, touch and kinesiology, we explore the heart and sacral chakras. We help connect the senses with pure flower aura essences, and pure essential oils. We share our understanding and compassion for our self.


Soul Readings

3 hours- £30 each

During this workshop we use the Freedo cards to help us explore our deeper selves, and the world around us. Each image on the cards have a deep meaning when connected to. We will also learn how to connect to images and objects all around us, to read them and to use them to help us answer burning questions. We will learn about our intuition and how to develop and use it to understand our selves and our lives more clearly.