Tantric Touch

for the Divine Feminine

Kirsty Yogini & Gary Winer

 Our Divine Feminine Tantric Touch session allows us to nourish and immerse you into a depth of pleasure in every part of your body, helping release physical tensions, let go mental blockages, heart opening to more self love and joy, with deep soul connection

About us & our sessions

Kirsty is an experienced Tantric Yoga guide, she specialises in "pleasure", and helps people discover inner joy through movement and touch

Gary has been an Emotional Bodyworker for twenty years. He has the ability to connect to and activate emotional energy deep inside the body, such as love, joy and sensuality

Our 3 Sessions

All three sessions include the use of our 7 specially blended pure organic plant essences

Relax into Pleasure

An hour long Tantric Touch massage


Deepening Pleasure

A two hour journey including a Psychic Guidance, a 90 minute Tantric Touch Massage and Breathwork Activation


Transformational Pleasure

A three hour journey, including a full Psychic Life Reading, a two hour Tantric Touch Massage, and a Positive Love Freedo Journey to free the mind and open open to receive more love. We will also give you pleasure rituals to practice at home

A course of 4 sessions of any one or more of the above will give you a 30% discount off your 4th session