Spiritual Haircutting

The way our hair is cut affects us in more ways than you can imagine. Ancient and modern cultures and religions have always known the subtle and powerful energy held within ones own hair.

Have you ever had a haircut that made you feel uncomfortable? The reason for this is that when your hair is cut, great care and attention needs to be taken. If your hairdresser has some negative energy inside them or they simply don't understand that hair is a living part of you and every cut of your hair is felt on a subtle, but very deep level in your body, this will have an effect on your energy system.

Professional haircut and healing session:
Starting with a consultation to decide on your hair style and positive intention. Healing to release blocked energy, followed by a harmonious haircut. We finish with a guidance to live life more freely. 

90 Minute Session  £75

Imagine having an operation and the surgeon doesn't give one hundred percent attention and care, or they use tools that are not the best quality. Cutting hair not only cuts off energy, it also sends subtle vibrations down each hair stimulating the hair follicles, nerve endings and energy points on your scalp. Some people are already sensitive to this, while others are not, but it will still affect them in different ways. On a mental level a haircut can also affect people, for example if your fringe is cut slightly too short or left to heavy, or you're trying to grow your hair and too much is cut off, or layers have been cut too short or left too long or cut too thin or look too thick or cut at the wrong angle. Anyone can cut hair but only few cut hair well, and even fewer understand the spiritual and energetic part of this treatment.


Spiritual Haircutting is a professional haircut and healing, beginning with a consultation to help decide on the choice of hair style and positive intention wanting to be created.

Garys healing starts with a release of any blocked energy, followed by a harmonious haircut to compliment face shape, hair type and lifestyle. Gary cuts with a lot of care and attention as this can have a powerful effect on the mind and body. Through the treatment he is able to connect through the hair and receive much information about the person. He gives guidance, many insights and realisations to help release energy blockages and open the energy fields to positive transformation.


“I enjoyed the letting go of the karma that went with the old hair and opening into new lessons
as Gary worked with my energy”  - Brandon Bays, Author of international bestseller, The Journey 


“A haircut with Gary, is a spiritual rebirth. I felt supported in letting go of the old and accessing the new. Now,
I only get my hair done by Gary. I feel so light, free and positive”
- Mahasatvaa Sarita, International Tantra teacher 


Gary has been a professional hairdresser for more than twenty years, owning his own salons and training academy since 1996, a qualified assessor and verifier, having trained hundreds of hairdressers. He is also a Spiritual healer and guide, qualified in energy therapies including Reiki, Reflexology and Freedo, a life transforming process combining the ancient power of symbols and kinesiology.

Check out his Spiritual Haircutting video on youtube:  http://youtu.be/AzROXqoXqIo 


Gary has a private practice in London/Hertfordshire and also does home visits.

Article in Spirit and Destiny magazine

An Interview about Spiritual Haircutting

What is Spiritual Haircutting and how did it start?

I have been cutting hair since 1986, opened my first salon in 1994, opened three more salons, and in 2002 I opened my first hair school where I have taught hundreds of students how to cut hair to the national standard. 


I had over fifty staff working for me, and I was very interested in coaching, so I would spend a lot of time coaching and developing each person, I took many workshops and courses in the field of self development and healing therapies. 


In 2008, I got divorced from my childhood sweetheart from the age of fifteen, we had three beautiful children together and a thirteen year marriage. This shook my world, I lost interest in the idea of developing my salons or becoming rich and famous. These ideas seemed so artificial and unfulfilling. 


I decided I would close all my businesses accept my original one, I found a partner to run it for me, so it could financially support me while I decided on my new journey. 


My true passion was always self development and healing, I had practiced a Japanese spiritual martial art since 1988, I loved coaching people to their full potential, I practiced psychic and intuitive readings, guidence and healings. 

I was cutting my friends hair one day and she said, Gary, you're a spiritual haircutter, my hair has grown longer and healthier since your have been cutting it, you always give me intuitive guidence and messages, a lovely healing massage and energy healing. 

This defining moment in 2010 began my journey as a Spiritual Haircutter. I still have my original salon that's now managed by my new business partner. 


My healing studio I now work from is in my own home, it's very comfortable, relaxed, nobody apart from me and my client, a garden view and plenty of time to give 100% of my energy. 


I also travel to people homes if it's more convenient for them, and I also go to many festivals, to spread my work, and love being in nature with people looking for self growth. 


What is the most satisfying thing about your job?

That's an easy question, to see my client transform, to shift their energy, so they can connect more deeply to their inner, their centre, their soul. To see this, and to know I have been a part of their transformation gives me the greatest pleasure. If they love their hair, love them self and love their life, my job has been done.


Do you believe hair is holy?

I often get asked these kind of questions, kundalini yoga followers ask me how can I call my work spiritual, cutting off ones energy, part of one self, I reply saying cutting of ones hair is not your self, it's a symbol of one self, sometimes we can get to attached to things, by cutting hair, this allows the body to release attachment of what it thinks it is, it realises it's not the emotions and memories it has been experiencing all of it's life, it is neither anger or joy,  fear or pain, no, the body is simply a body, all emotions and and memories and ideas it experiences, are just that, experience, allow the body to simply experience everything. 


American Indians have had a connection to their hair similar to Samson, if I lived in a beautiful forest, surrounded by trees, water, open skies, fresh air, natural food, my hair would probably also look fabulous, shiny and healthy. Also generations of their ancestors have learnt about the energy of hair, and how they can use it to connect to the world around them, picking up the quietest sounds and vibrations, telling them about their environment. They have only good reasons for not cutting their hair, although I do feel a tiny spiritual trim would also help them in their lives. 


If you look at the Buddhist monks, they shave their hair, they feel it's like a rebirth, cutting off attachments and learning to live in the present in each moment.  


In the west, where we subject ourself to pollution, stress, processed foods, un natural environments, unhappy jobs, negative people, it's no wonder we get so many illnesses. Imagine somebody who has a tumour inside their body, unless they are super enlightened or very lucky, chances are it won't simply disappear on it's own, it needs to be cut out and removed from the body. The body can then heal and protect itself. 


This is how I view my treatment, negative energy that is stuck in the body simply needs to be removed, the body healed and then protected. 


The cutting of hair, is not cutting one self off, how can we be cut off from our self, our soul is everywhere, not just in our body. The other amazing thing that happens is the cut hair, can be reconnected to Mother Nature through a ritual burial, and this actually reconnects our body to Mother Nature, giving it a real sense of connection, safety and love. 


What tips can you give, on how to take care of the hair in a spiritual way ?

1. Treat your hair like any other beautiful part of your body. When you treat your hair harshly, it will feel the pain? It will be unable to channel universal energy, and will affect your body and mind in a subtle and very deep way.  


2. Don't harm your hair with nasty chemicals from cheap hair colour, straighteners, perms, shampoos. conditioners, products, hot irons and dryers (you wouldn't iron your skin, so why your hair?)


3. Use only natural, good quality products, ones that feeds and nurtures your hair. Allow it to dry naturally, using natural leave in moisturising oils on areas that need it. 


4. Find a caring hairdresser who not only understands what style you want, is able to cut very well, using high quality cutting tools and combs,  but also understands the care and sensitivity required to harmonise with your subtle energy, healing your scalp and smoothing your hairs energy, and even able to help guide any negative energy out of the body. When you trust your hair in the hands of a haircutter, make sure they are energetically balanced and have your best intention at heart. 


5. Communicate to your hair and scalp every day through touch and voice. Hair is similar to a plant, and everyone knows that plants thrive much better when people talk to them and water them regularly. The energy of hair is sensitive like a baby, that must have human touch to survive and thrive. 


What are you/have you learnt from providing 'spiritual haircutting'? (how has it served you, what growth have you experienced?)

Spiritual Haircutting has been an amazing personal journey for me. It has deeply shown me that we should all follow our heart and dreams. When I began this journey, I had little support and much ridicule, even spiritual people thought I was crazy, my kids would watch my video to cheer themselves up, because they thought it was hilarious that I was doing this so seriously, just because no one really understood how it works as a healing treatment and even less about it being a career in any commercial way.


I always follow my dreams, and always believed in myself and this treatment. It took me a few years and plenty of challenges to finally make it look professional, accessible and commercially acceptable. The only real thing that can stop us living our dream is our self.

Spiritual Haircutting now earns me a good living, allows me to travel all over the world and I get to meet the most amazing people through this work. 


Are you looking to pass it on/teach others about it? Open a school on it  in the future?

I have already got a traditional city and guilds private hairdressing academy in Hertfordshire, where we teach students hairdressing NVQs level 1, 2 and 3. I would certainly consider training people. The issue is that most traditional hairdressing students aren't interested in healing, and people interested in healing don't normally want to train as a hairdresser, because to become very competent at Haircutting this normally takes around 2 years training and another 3-5 years of salon and cutting experience.


People underestimate the amount of training and skills required to become a great hairdresser. It's easy to cut hair, but very difficult to cut hair very well. If you compare this to any other art or craft, like painting, it's the same thing, fast to learn to paint, years to become great. In my opinion hairdressing is one of the hardest things to do really well, because you haven't just got a canvas, you have a multi dimensional head, with unique hair types, hair growth patterns, texture and not forgetting a subject that has their own ideas, reactions and personality, you need to also consider your clients life style and after care routine. 


What is the most profound result a client has had?

One lady had alopecia for about 3 years and  her hair has started growing back – after the first session it started growing back about half an inch. She was also pulling her hair out due to anxiety but after the first session she stopped.


How did you come across Brandon Bays?

I received a text message from someone asking for a  haircut. I didn’t know who it was and didn’t recognise the name. The lady then said it was for her boss, Brandon Bays.