What happens to you haircuttings???

Have you ever wondered what happens to your hair that has been cut at the salon?

Probably not too much i guess, and the reason for this is that you have lost connection to the energy of your hair.

Many people think the hair is dead as soon as it grows out of the root. This is crazy because just like grass, plants, leaves, fruits, they are very much alive after they grow out of their seeds.

Hyper sensitive people normally avoid going to the salon because they may not know why, but they feel uncomfortable to go there. One reason is this, if your hair is actually living, when its cut off, you are still connected to it, even though many cant feel this, but hyper sensitive people can, and just like a family member that has died, or even a partner you have split up from, you are still very much connected to them, and i mean physically connected. So imagine the connection you have with your own hair? so when your hair is cut off, swept up and dumped in a filthy garbage bin, later taken to a big dump and mixed with the most awful garbage, and you are physically connected to your hair, its no surprise hyper sensitive people wont go to a salon. Its also no surprise how this connection affects our own well being. Imagine a loved one who has passed away and they are treated in this way, how does that physically make you feel? i thought so.

This is only one aspect of our hair that affects our well being, there are many others that i will talk about on another blog or you can contact me if you're interested.

There is a way to release your haircuttings that is sacred and actually helps with your wellbeing. Its a special ritual I visioned years ago and created for my own clients for when i cut their hair.

For more info, or a free consultation, simply get in touch with me



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