Special Retreat Packages

Immersive yourself in one of these deeply healing and transformative Journeys

Healing Boat Retreat London/Hertfordshire

1 Day (5 hour session)- £155 (normally £235)


Enjoy 1 day on our beautiful houseboat surrounded by nature and receive different healing sessions (including vegan lunch & beverages)

This powerful session consists of a Spiritual Haircut, Transformational Life Coaching and an Healing Touch Treatment. Take home a pure plant essential oil.

Lotus Flower
Healing Boat Retreat London/Hertfordshire

2 Days, 1 Night- starting from £160


Enjoy 2 days on our beautiful healing houseboat surrounded by nature. Deeply relax, eat healthy and delicious vegetarian/vegan food (3 meals), sleep on the water (private bedroom), walk in nature, enjoy the lakes, wildlife and woodlands. Breathe the fresh air, rewind, re-energise and feel clear-headed and motivated to live your dreams.


Add up to 3 of the following sessions to your retreat:

- Spiritual Haircutting incl. 1 essential oil (normally £85)

- Healing Touch Treatment (normally £85 for 1 hour 4-handed    


- Transformational Life Coaching incl. 1 pack of Freedo

  cards (normally £85)

Retreat with 1 session   £160

Retreat with 2 sessions £210

Retreat with 3 sessions £250