Transformational Life Coaching

Using a uniquely painted set of oracle cards (by spiritual artist, Sharon Waxkirsh) based on a life journey process I created in 2008, I take people on a journey of self discovery, where they can experience their truth and transform their life through different viewpoints.
The name Freedo represents each and every one of us, it means journey to freedom, free = freedom and do = japenese word for way or path.

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The cards are a mix between traditional tarot and oracle cards. They just have 25 cards, based on a sacred geometrical symbol that was channelled. They represent a journey in our lives, this journey could be our journey to work each day, a journey abroad, it could be our journey of sleeping each night, or as big as our whole life. It could be our career, our marriage, even a meal.
Every journey has identical and significant  points in time and order, such as they all have a beginning starting point and an end completion. They all have a degree of resistance and harmony, emotions and action steps. 


These cards can be used in many different ways. As a reading, they open up parts of life that seem unclear, they give guidance about what needs to be done to solve issues or move closer to one’s life goals.

They don’t prove the past or predict the future, they simply help people open their mind, look at life in different ways and validate what you already know.


They are based on the law of polarity, or opposites, in Chinese culture this is sometimes known as Yin/Yang, where light can not exist without dark, pleasure without pain, positive without negative, harmony without resistance. They show how these opposites can actually work together and produce transformation and healing. They also teach us how to be more present and conscious as we move through our lives.


The numbers on each card are significant, as they show us where we are on each particular journey, they show what we have already done and what still needs to be done to complete our journey.

They are also based on the chakra system, staring at the root and ending at the crown. Each chakra has its own meaning and relation to our individual situations.

Each card also has a unique guidance, made up of a Mind Meditation and Body Activation, both of which further open the mind to more realisations and insights and activates the body wisdom hidden in each cell. There are 25 cards, therefore there are also 25 different journeys that can be explored.

The basic principle of freedo is that we choose a subject we wish to know more about, understand better or change in some way, then we do a journey and learn something new, that we didn't know before, giving us more knowledge and understanding of our chosen subject, giving us more ability to make positive changes to those parts of our self and our life. The more journeys we take, the more positive changes will occur.

freedo is simple, profoundly powerful and will change our world as we know it. Enjoy your journey...

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Life Reading

30 Minute Session   Skype or Zoom/In Person  £20/£35


A Freedo reading doesn’t  predict events or prove the past,

their deep meanings help people look at life more clearly.

There guidance highlights what is needed for optimal healing

and transformation.

Freedo Journey
1 hour Session   Skype/In Person  £45/£60


An indepth exploration, for Self Discovery and Life Enhancement 

This is the process, for each one of the twenty five Freedo Journeys.

Life Reading

As above


Mind Meditation

To help expand awareness and deepen mental understanding.

Body Activation

To help embody knowledge and improve physical ability.

Freedo Ritual

A tool that can be used on a daily basis to help you maintain balance and power


Freedo Guide - Training
Each Journey via Skype/In Person  £45/£65

Level 1 - All 25 Journeys for yourself   

Level 2 - 25 Journey case studies

Level 3 - Take a Freedo Guru through all 25 Journeys

Testimonials Freedo  ~ Life Coaching

"During my lifetime I tried many paths and techniques to make my life happier and more balanced. I have to say that Freedo is a unique technique and a powerful transformation tool helping to use spiritual energy in a daily life to achieve harmonious communication with people and the world around in a simple way. The whole process takes place in a warm and joyful atmosphere. I was able to use it just after the first day."

Wanta Petriac


"It has transformed my life forever and in an incredibly fantastic way."

Kevin Wilkinson

"I'm so grateful for attending a Freedo journey, I really feel profoundly changed and peaceful in this new symbol!!! It was a pleasure to spend time with you all!!!!!"

 Anna Mariposa

"The invitation was there to try an online reading, so I followed the instructions exactly (managing not to look at the cards!) and chose a card. The more I absorbed the message and imagery of the tarot card, the more amazed I was at how it fitted exactly with my question, and how profound the guidance was. I was shown (or reminded) that I could be the "witness" rather than wanting to control through fear, and this allowed me to see that I had been predicting what the meeting would be like, based on preconceptions, etc. and that was what was causing the anxiety."
"The meeting later that day was amazingly positive and I felt the shift in my energy from fear to power.  I can apply the guidance from the tarot card to any situation where not applying labels to people or theirbehaviour allows me to respond rather than react. For me, it's a step closer to being authentic. Thank you, Gary"

Priya Shearer (OSHO Leela)