Healing Touch

Release feelings that have been trapped in the body from past experiences. 

Enjoy these deeply relaxing & re-vitalising body touch sessions, a combination of massage, stretches, rocking & pressure including sacred plant oils.


Each session includes a full consultation to meet all your needs.

Sessions take place at our healing boat sanctuary in London/Hertfortshire. Home visits are available on request.

Mini Treatment
Choose your own combination (up to three) out of the following:

head, face, neck, shoulder, back, hands, feet 

Using healing plant oils. Carried out by either Nadine or Gary
30 minute session £30

Full Session
An aura cleanse using pure essential plant essences, followed by a deep whole bodywork treatment, working on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic system, through a combination of deep holistic massage and energy healing. Carried out by either Nadine or Gary

2 Hours £105

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4 Handed Massage 
Our 4 handed massage session immerses you into a deep healing state where your body can relax, heal & re-vitalise.

It's completely customised to meet your individual needs. 

We use a blend of sacred plant oils to nourish your body, calm your mind and awaken your soul. Carried out by Nadine & Gary

1 Hour   £75

2 Hours £135


Special Offer
To work more deeply and healing the whole body system we offer

3 sessions with a 10% discount (to be taken within 3 months ) *valid for "Full Session" and "4 Handed Massage" 

“I feel so completely rested and relaxed after having a body healing treatment with Gary. His expertise in putting me at ease and gentle touch was very considered. He created a warm and safe space for me to allow my body to drift off and be nourished and nurtured” – Sharon Waxkirsh, Hypnotherapist