Gary has been a professional haircutter for more than twenty years, owning his own salons and training academy since 1996, a qualified assessor and verifier, having trained hundreds of hairdressers. He is also a Spiritual healer and guide, qualified in energy therapies including Reiki, Reflexology and Freedo, a life transforming process combining the ancient power of symbols and kinesiology.

Gary has been practicing body healing since 1989, when he started practicing spiritual Aikido with Master Mike Muspratt, an incredible teacher who could easily demonstrate the power of Ki, a Japanese word meaning life force. His main teacher Bob Chandler also taught many healing techniques through his own beautifully unique style and approach. When Ki touched any part of the body, there seemed to be a higher intelligence communicating to that body part.


Since then, Gary learned Reiki and Reflexology along with psychic and shamanic practices. He practiced in his own healing centre, Alchemy in London and various healing spaces in Taiwan and abroad.

He also facilitated several Freedo healing retreats all over the world.

It is most important to Gary that his clients are fully satisfied with their session and he won't charge clients who are not.

“My passion is healing and transformation, helping others and myself develop on all levels of mind, body and soul.” Gary Winer


Testimonials – Spiritual Haircutting

"Each time I receive a haircutting session with Gary, it is a spiritual rebirth. I feel supported in letting go of the old and accessing the new step in my life with clarity and joy. Now, I only get my hair done by Gary. I feel so light, free and positive after each session."

Mahasatvaa Ma Sarita, International Tantra Master

"I very much enjoyed the letting go of the karma that went with the old hair and opening into new lessons as you worked with your cards."

Brandon Bays, Author of international bestseller, The Journey

"From his calm persona and loving energy, to his spiritual haircut ~ a healing with Gary is life changing and a journey worth experiencing. Thank you Gary for an amazing healing and cut. Soul Blessings"

Karen Lucinda

"There are two sides to Gary's Healing Haircut, and both are excellent. You get the Haircut side of it: where I love that I can just tell Gary how it is that I'd like my hair to feel for me ("with volume", "with movement", for instance), and every time Gary does the perfect haircut - so good that even 6 months after having had it it looks amazing. This is one of those things that has you not changing your hairdresser ;)

You also get the Healing side of it. The reading gives me insights always - on the spot, but also days later. I like taking note of the reading and revisit it and see how the insights I may have are helpful to my day-to-day life. Besides, through the haircut Gary guides you with some questions to make the healing experience happen for you - where you can obtain a sense of direction or of knowing where you are at in life, more closely. All in all I recommend Gary to you - if his Healing Haircut calls you, then do try it - you might just find something that adds value to your life."

Cris Sentient Being

"I liked spiritual hair cutting idea from the moment I heard about it. Now, after experiencing it I like it even more. It was such a rich experience, great massage, good hair cut, meaningful conversation. Thank you Gary."

Kasia Slazak


"I am very happy with my new haircut and I could`t believe how calm and peaceful I felt for the rest of the day.Also I am very grateful for the tools you gave me to connect to my inner energy. I loved your advice to look for the things remind me a peace everywhere I go. It really works for me, as I start to notice a little things I missed before.
I will definitely let others know about you. Wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you again. The symbol of peace Sky drew for me is beautiful and I keep looking at it every time I walk pass. With love"

Anita Sebre Ward


"My last Healing Haircut with Gary, was as always a great experience. Everything he said is happening according to plan, just as it did the last time. Perfect! I love my spiritual haircuts with Gary; it's a real letting go on all levels. Out with the old and forward with the new! Love that."

Carol Murphy, Yoga Teacher


"Gary, that was more than a haircut - it was an experience! The massage and healing at the beginning put me into a deeply relaxed state. You gave me the best haircut I've ever had (and you didn't take too much  off!) and the card reading at the end was uncannily accurate. After you left I felt blissed out for hours. Thank you x."

Kavida Rei. International Tantra Teacher

"The experience of having a haircut with you is always pleasant. After some interesting conversation we got on to my hair. I liked that you asked me what the focus of my desire what, and how you turned cutting hair into a self-reflecting experience that brought more clarity. Precisely that's the word that described the focus of my desire for the next stage of my life: Clarity."
"As the hair was being cut I felt more affirmed in what my notion of clarity entails. And the hair being cut, of course, it's an experience of letting go - letting go of an old stage and welcoming a new one. I like clarity for this new stage of my life and having some hair cut contributed to my goal.At home, I made a little ceremony, writing down in a piece of paper all the things I was letting go of (more mental constructs and behaviors than anything else) and I then let go of the hair cut, which I had in a bag, together with the piece of paper. It felt fresh, it felt renewing.

Thanks Gary for a great haircut and a wonderful spiritual perspective. It was very refreshing and helped me connect to my vision for working with and supporting couples in a loving environment..our next home!!" 

Priyatama - International Tantra Guide
"I watched you, creating your magic in Osho Leela Tantra festival! It was absolutely genious! I have never seen anything like it! It was art and healing wrapped in one :) At this point I wished I had longer hair, so you can cut it for me"  

Anastasia Nikolaeva
"The spirtual haircut was such a unique experience.  I would recommend it to anyone who would welcome some healing and balance in their lives.  The treatment was very relaxing and grounding and afterwards I felt lighter and my hair looked great.  It would be a fantastic gift for your family and friends or just a must have treat for yourself."

Nia Dunbar
"I had the immense pleasure of receiving a spiritual hair and massage experience with Gary, felt supported, empowered and the reading was spot on. Can't wait for my hair to grow again!!"

Loretta Jones 
"I can recommend this service as being very beneficial to health and well being."

Sharon Blues Jive Cooper

"I can recommend this service highly!"

Sara Bhavani


Testimonials – Transformational Life Coaching

"During my lifetime I tried many paths and techniques to make my life happier and more balanced. I have to say that Freedo is a unique technique and a powerful transformation tool helping to use spiritual energy in a daily life to achieve harmonious communication with people and the world around in a simple way. The whole process takes place in a warm and joyful atmosphere. I was able to use it just after the first day."

Wanta Petriac


"Things have happened and decisions been made since leaving you lovely people on Sunday that will transform my life forever and in an incredibly fantastic way."

Kevin Wilkinson


"I learnt to believe in myself and always find good things."

Yusef Minhas (Autistic) Bushey meads school

"These past few days have been pretty awesome. I learnt quite a lot of things to do to help me achieving my dream lifestyle."

Paul Hamond (Bushey meads school)

"The last 2 days was brilliant and I enjoyed drawing pictures and the activities we did."

David H (Autistic) bushey meads school

"I think it was great, interesting, helpfull, fun and very knowledgeable. It teaches you to believe and more. It has changed my views on everything"

Rachael Sheppard (Bushey meads school)

"I enjoyed having a bit o freedom and that I had the chance to think about that I can do anything and have a think about what I want to do. I also found it fun."

Paige (Bushey meads school)

"Inspirational, opened my eyes and helped me to realise my dream and how to achieve it"

Jenny Haley (Bushey meads school)  
"I'm so grateful for attending a Freedo journey, I really feel profoundly changed and peaceful in this new symbol!!! It was a pleasure to spend time with you all!!!!!"

Anna Mariposa

 "I'd known that Gary had some unique tarot cards but I had never seen them, until the morning of an important meeting, when I felt I wanted some guidance on 'how to deal with' this, that and the other. I was quite stirred up by the prospect of the meeting and felt very anxious. The invitation was there to try an online reading, so I followed the instructions exactly (managing not to look at the cards!) and chose a card. The more I absorbed the message and imagery of the tarot card, the more amazed I was at how it fitted exactly with my question, and how profound the guidance was. I was shown (or reminded) that I could be the "witness" rather than wanting to control through fear, and this allowed me to see that I had been predicting what the meeting would be like, based on preconceptions, etc. and that was what was causing the anxiety. The meeting later that day was amazingly positive and I felt the shift in my energy from fear to power. I can apply the guidance from the tarot card to any situation where not applying labels to people or theirbehaviour allows me to respond rather than react. For me, it's a step closer to being authentic. Thank you, Gary."
Priya Shearer (OSHO Leela)


Testimonials – Healing Touch Massages

“I feel so completely rested and relaxed after having a body healing treatment with Gary. His expertise in putting me at ease and gentle touch was very considered. He created a warm and safe space for me to allow my body to drift off and be nourished and nurtured”

Sharon Waxkirsh, Hypnotherapist